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  Perfect Saviour – C

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Verse 1
Once on the bed of death I lay
I owed a debt I could not pay
With nothing to defend my soul
I stood condemned by justice true

Jesus, Your shoulders weighted down
Your brow was pierced by thorny crown
That wooden load you bore for me
The cross that was to set me free

Chorus 1
Hallelujah! Perfect Saviour!
Worthy is the Lamb of God
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain

Verse 2
I scorned and mocked the Son of Man
You carried out the Father’s plan
You took my sin upon Your cross
And reconciled to You the lost

Jesus You took the bitter cup
Death was my due, You drank it up
I know that drink was meant for me
You raise me up in victory

Verse 3
Propitiated for my sin
Exchanged my blame for life within
The spear drove deep into Your side
The wrath of God is satisfied

Three days You lay, the perfect lamb
My punishment scarred on your hands
Now see the stone and empty grave
Our risen King with power to save!

Chorus 2
Hallelujah! King Forever!
Worthy is the Lamb of God
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain


Written by Jonathan Warmington

© 2013 Jonathan Warmington (SAMRO)
Some rights reserved and can be waived by permission. Any distribution, reproduction, performance or recording this work as-is for non-commercial purposes does not need the permission of the authors of this work.
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