I Have Seen You Lord (Isaiah's Song)


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I Have Seen You (Isaiah’s Song) – D

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I have seen You Lord, seated on Your throne
You’re high and lifted up and You know me
All the earth is filled with the glory of our King
All the angels sing, and we join them now singing…

Holy, holy Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lord

When foundations and thresholds shake
At the voice of the one true God who makes
The stars to shine and makes new my heart
I must sing, I must go tell the world


Written by Jonathan Warmington & Ash Stephenson

© 2013 Jonathan Warmington (SAMRO), Ash Stephenson
Some rights reserved and can be waived by permission. Any distribution, reproduction, performance or recording this work as-is for non-commercial purposes does not need the permission of the authors of this work.
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