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It Is Finished – C

Is Is Finished – G



Verse 1
Everything You came to do
You took it it on, You saw it through
Seeking and saving, You freed us from slavery
Oh, the price we could not pay
You paid our debt, You made a way
To come to the Father, and love one another

Reconciling man to God
You broke the curse of sin and saved us

Jesus, You have paid it all
Cleansed our sin and broke our fall
You took our guilt crying, “It is finished!”
Death has its hold no more
Justified forevermore
And raised us up with You, it is finished!

Verse 2
Carried up that darkened hill
You bore our weight yet loved us still
Enduring the cross and scorning its shame for us
Completed the Father’s plan
Now seated at the Father’s hand
The grave could not hold You, nor the wonders that You do

You took away our condemnation
we’re bought and kept secure in Your love

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus, You broke our fall
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Jesus, You paid it all


Written by Jonathan Warmington

© 2014 Jonathan Warmington (SAMRO)
Some rights reserved and can be waived by permission. Any distribution, reproduction, performance or recording this work as-is for non-commercial purposes does not need the permission of the authors of this work.
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