All I Want To Know


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All I Want to Know – G

All I Want to Know – C



Verse 1
Son of God, I lift my eyes
To see You high and lifted up
The grace and truth of God is shown
In Christ alone, my righteousness

You draw my heart to see
The Word made flesh revealed
Your grace has set me free

You’re all that I want to know
And I want to make You known
Jesus I’ll make You known

Verse 2
Jesus Christ, I love your name
And for Your fame I give my all
All my heart, my strength, my mind
I set aside my will for Yours

Oh Jesus, there’s power in Your name
Oh Jesus, the power of God to save


Written by Jonathan & Erin Warmington

© 2016 Jonathan Warmington (SAMRO) & Erin Warmington
Some rights reserved and can be waived by permission. Any distribution, reproduction, performance or recording this work as-is for non-commercial purposes does not need the permission of the authors of this work.
All I Want to Know (lyrics & music) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.